Walt Disney’s Boyhood Barn & Dreaming Tree in Minecraft


Check out this amazing recreation of Walt Disney’s Boyhood Barn and the Dreaming Tree that Walt Disney thought under.  The barn and Dreaming Tree can be visited in their original locations in Marceline, Missouri, Walt’s hometown.  Since Walt lived in Marceline, the barn has been rebuilt and restored, and the Dreaming Tree has died.  Enjoy our first ever gaming video and Minecraft Time lapse!


I hope you all found this video to be a cool and creative retrospective to where the magic all began.  It was a really fun video to create, with no limitations on camera views and physics!  If first got the inspiration when I was looking at some videos and photos of the amazing recreation of Walt’s Boyhood Barn in Missouri.  It is amazing to see all the signatures people have left inside, as their lives and careers have been affected in some way, big or small, by Walt Disney himself.  One day, I want to leave my mark on that very barn, but for the time being I thought this recreation would be a fun and informative tribute for all Walt has done for the world today.  Without him and his wild imagination under his Dreaming Tree, who knows what I would be doing today!


When I first built this beautiful 1:1 scale recreation of Walt’s Boyhood barn, it was on a Minecraft Server where other Disney fans could visit and leave their own words to Walt on the inside of the barn, like real life today in Marceline, Missouri.  Thanks for Reading and Watching!  Have a Magical Day! 😀

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