Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar 2018

We have updated our crowd calendar for 2018! Every year we try to estimate how the crowds will shake out. Lately we have been very accurate in determining these crowds. Just heed our crowd calendar and plan accordingly! Some of the main days you will definitely want to avoid if you want low waits, low crowds, and no bottlenecks include New Year’s, July 4th, and Christmas week! If you want to visit the parks in a time with lots of crowds, don’t second guess yourself too much! There is a reason the parks are so crowded on some of those dates, New Years Eve in Epcot is awesome! This is more just a way to avoid crowds if that is what you care about. If not, this is more just to manage your expectations! There is no such thing as a “bad day” to be in Walt Disney World, so just use this as a reference for what kind of crowds to expect! We hope you find our crowd calendar useful in putting together plans for your trip to the World! Without further adue, here is the Mickey Views Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar 2018 edition!

If you would like to download this photo, you may right-click on the image select “Save image as…” on computers, press and hold on most mobile phones and select “Save Image” or just download the Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar 2018 below!


We hope you find this photo guide of use in planning your trip! If you have some tips for us to improve this calendar, feel free to contact us! Be sure to explore all of our travel planning tools to help you make your trip the best it can possibly be! Have a Magical Day! 😀