Tiered Walt Disney World Annual Pass System Info

Walt Disney World's New Passholder Tier Program

Walt Disney World’s brand new color-coded, tiered passholder program is being rolled out. With more flexibility on paying for exactly what YOU need, this is considered an “upgrade” of the system. The downside would be the complicated options, and SIX different passes to have to choose between. Introducing the new perks of free parking for all passholders and free PhotoPass for select passes help make the passholder system more valuable than ever before.

All the convoluted details and confusing structure of this new program calls for an infographic! We hope this helps!

Walt Disney World's New Passholder Tier Program

Lots of things pop out to me in this new tiered system. The Epcot After Four Pass costs $249, and for only 10 dollars more you can get access to all four parks plus a built in park hopper option! The Weekday Select Pass isn’t just a good deal due to it’s very similar, low cost to that of the Epcot After Four pass. The pass also has an amazing price point, considering that just 2 individual day tickets with the park hopper option equals near the same amount!

The concern with all of these for me is the fact that Non-Florida (& non-DVC) guests can not choose between all these cool passes, and are limited to the now more expensive Platinum Pass or the even more expensive, new Platinum Plus pass. Let me know what you think of this new Walt Disney World annual pass system. To get even more info on this new program, be sure to check out this week’s episode of our weekly news show, The Magic Weekly (click here!)

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