Our last trip, we decided to stop by The Boathouse to see if the food could match the stunning views and elaborate decor of the venue itself. Safe to say, the dishes held up! Since the restaurant opened in April 2015 as part of the Disney Springs transformation, the site has become home to awe-inspired guests watching as cars drive in and out of a lake. While the Boathouse has the flash, the restaurant also prides itself in being able to say one-third of the of the venue’s floor space is dedicated to food preparation (the kitchen). This fact further goes to show that the Boathouse is a little more than a place for tourists to get some beautiful pictures out on the water or in an amphicar. The Boathouse offers quality dishes. Watch our quick 2-minute video summary of our meal at The Boathouse and read our review which goes further in-depth!

Once we got to the restaurant, we were seated right away. If you make a reservation, you shouldn’t have any issues getting seated (especially in the afternoon). For those who do not have a reservation and have to wait a little while, the bar located directly next to the check-in podium can get you a drink anytime! We were seated in the Regatta Dining Room, located at the end of a long hallway of beautifully themed rooms, very close to the state-of-the-art kitchen. From our circular table, to one side was a floor-to-ceiling display of fine wines, and to the other was a view over the outdoor dock complete with a bar and some incredible antique boats.

The Boathouse Big Storm Brewing Company Arcus IPA
Big Storm Brewing Company Arcus IPA (Tampa, FL)

For drinks, my bro and I just got some Sprite. Dad went with the Big Storm Brewing Company’s Arcus IPA. Brewed in Tampa Bay, FL, Dad really enjoyed this particular India Pale Ale. Along with the drinks, our amazing waiter Tara also brought us complimentary bread and butter. Although the bread looked good, we really wanted to get a taste of a Boathouse specialty: fresh oysters!

The-Boathouse-Front-Case-Oysters-Clams-Lobster copy

When walking into the Boathouse, the first bit of food you are confronted with is a case of freshly caught oysters, clams, and lobster in a glass display. Here you can even spot the town your appetizer or entree was caught in!

The Boathouse Oysters

The oysters arrived in a beautiful display, sitting on a bowl of shredded ice, accompanied by Gibsons Bombay cocktail sauce and a cucumber mignonette. The oysters were fresh, ice cold and really tasty with the selection of sauces. If you’re looking for some authentic “waterfront dining,” than these are a must-have when visiting this restaurant!

"Yacht Club" Club

For my entree, I decided to go with the very punny “Yacht Club” Club BLT! What can I say, the name just drew me in. Despite the “overprice-ing” of some of dishes the Boathouse offers, the portions do not disappoint. This was the biggest sandwich I’ve ever had. The “Yacht Club” Club is made up of nine slices of bread, three levels of roasted turkey breast, and another three levels of BLT. The chipotle honey mayo really stood out and made the dish for me. The nine-level sub can be broken down into three double-decker bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches. I found the bread to be a bit dry, perhaps having sat out a bit too long, but considering the portions and taste it’s not much of a factor. If you’re looking to walk out of the Boathouse stuffed, this $17 mega-sandwich is the entree for you.

The Boathouse Triple-Double Cheddar Burger

My brother went with the Triple-Double Cheddar Burger. This burger is a recent addition to the Boathouse’s menu. In fact, there’s a chance when you go to this restaurant there may be entirely different dishes. Online menus for the Boathouse are misleading in that the venue has newly-printed menus every single day. This is a good sign because it goes to show that the word “fresh” isn’t taken lightly. If they’re out of a certain ingredient in a dish, they aren’t going to substitute or leave out ingredients, it simply won’t be on the menu! Back to talking portions, the $19 Triple-Double Cheddar Burger is another that doesn’t disappoint. With two patties and plenty of cheese, my brother really enjoyed his meal.

The Boathouse Grilled Ponce Inlet Amberjack Fish Tacos

Dad went with the Grilled Ponce Inlet Amberjack Fish Tacos which are listed on the Boathouse’s Fish Features menu. This dish looks like authentic Mexican while also including the fresh fish you come to expect at a restaurant like this. The tacos look very similar, both in presentation and composition, with the fish tacos served at the San Angel Inn. The San Angel Inn serves authentic as authentic Mexican food gets, being that their flagship location is a historic venue in the heart of Mexico! All in all, these looked like some amazing fish tacos!

The Boathouse S'mores Baked Alaska (Source: The Princess Papers)
(Source: The Princess Papers)

With such great portions, we thought dessert would be overdoing it a bit. With that being said, the Boathouse offers some of the most creative and incredible desserts on property. Next time we’re definitely getting the S’mores Baked Alaska (serves four). Why? Look at it and you’ll know. So good!

The Boathouse Disney Springs The Landing Restaurant - color corrected copy

So there’s a look at our visit to the Boathouse. Let us know your thoughts on this restaurant in the comments below! Stay tuned because we have more restaurant reviews on the way, including Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House! **Spoilers** it was awesome. Next trip, we’d really like to try Morimoto Asia and get you guys an amazing review. Got any ideas for what restaurant we should review next? Let us know! Thanks for Reading, Have a Magical Day!

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