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Hey everyone! Brayden, creator of Mickey Views here coming to you from the Mickey Views Magic Studio with a special update and overview video on what we know as far as new World Showcase Pavilions that may be coming to the World Showcase as part of this Epcot overhaul. For those of you who don’t know what these World Showcase pavilion rumors are about, we’re going to cover that, and then, we’ve got some exclusive info that corroborates these rumors, to an extent where by the end of this article, we should be able to say with confidence, there may soon be some new World Showcase pavilions to explore on one of your future trips!

The first rumor we got came from industry insider Jim Hill on the Disney Dish Podcast, where he mentioned a Spain pavilion could be coming to the World Showcase as part of the ambitious Epcot Overhaul Disney announced was in its planning stages at the Destination D event in Walt Disney World last November.

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Spain has been in talks for a World Showcase pavilion dating all the way back to the late 70’s when Epcot was in its planning stages. In fact, in the Epcot Center Pictorial souvenir sent out in 1982 to get people excited for the opening of the park, Spain is listed as one of the pavilions coming to the World Showcase as part of the park’s mysterious phase 2, which never came to fruition. Fast forward 35 years to this Epcot Overhaul in the works, according to Jim, the reason why Spain has gone from an “if” to a “when” is Gigantic.

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Disney’s Gigantic is going to be a Walt Disney Animation Studios film set for release in 2018 loosely based on the English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, with the giant in Gigantic possibly becoming the next Disney Princess. The film will be set in Spain, it’s looking to draw in fans of Frozen and Tangled with the new Disney princess angle, so it’s sure to be popular. And if there’s one thing that gets Disney excited to invest in projects like these in this day and age, it’s synergy. So having an ultra popular film coinciding with the opening of a new Spain pavilion, featuring a Gigantic-themed attraction, what could be better?

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The second rumor came from Dusty Sage, founder and CEO of MiceChat, where on the MiceChat podcast he hinted at a possible Brazil pavilion that could be coming to the World Showcase also as part of this Epcot Overhaul. Now, this Brazil pavilion rumor also has some history, dating far before 2017. In 2011 a Brazilian newspaper ran a story announcing a Brazil pavilion was in the works, and caught everyone by surprise.

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When Disney was asked to comment, they said it should be treated as speculation. But what sparked the story was Disney looked to the Brazilian government to speak about the new pavilion. It was supposed to be treated as confidential, but they were too excited! Then in 2014, Lee on the WDWMAGIC forums, who is a pretty well known insider in the community, dropped some supposed concept art for the Brazil pavilion. Now, what property this would tie in with, if any at all, we aren’t sure.

Brazil Pavilion Alleged Concept Art - Epcot Overhaul - Mickey Views

Brazil Pavilion Rumor Disney Comment 2011 - Epcot Overhaul - Mickey Views

But what really ties together these Spain and Brazil pavilion rumors we’ve gotten this past month comes from none other than a viewer of our weekly Disney news show, Courtney, who got a survey from Disney just last month, asking her what type of restaurant she would like to see come next to the World Showcase. Now, when we first got this, prior to these new rumors, what was really puzzling was, where would they put a Brazilian steakhouse in the World Showcase? Of these two new World Showcase pavilion rumors, the Brazil one is the one we’re a bit less confident in, because while there is some history, we don’t know what property would be incorporated into the pavilion, plus we haven’t had any indication from Disney that they are currently considering adding a Brazil pavilion.

New World Showcase Pavilions Epcot Spain and Brazil Disney Survey - Epcot Overhaul - Mickey Views

Well, thanks to this survey we received, I don’t know about you guys, but it just about confirms and definitely validates these Brazil pavilion rumors we’ve been hearing, considering as of a few weeks ago Disney was asking guests what they’d think of a Brazilian steakhouse. Now, if you watch The Magic Weekly, we’ve covered all of this on the show. But when I was editing the show were we made the Brazilian steakhouse connection, there was something else odd with this survey. Going back to that pictorial souvenir, the description of the future Spain pavilion includes talk of a waterside restaurant offering tapas. This is what Disney was looking to do with a Spain pavilion back in 1982, but now looking at a survey from this year, 35 years later, what do you know, Disney’s surveying guests on what they’d think of a new tapas restaurant coming to Epcot. Boom.

Spain Pavilion - Epcot Pictorial Souvenir - Mickey Views

So taking a look at the evidence we have for each of these rumors, from the Gigantic tie in for Spain, records of Disney talking to the Brazilian government about a pavilion, Jim Hill and Dusty Sage backing these rumors, not to mention the countless insiders on the WDWMAGIC forums also backing up these claims, and on top of all of it, a survey sent to us by Courtney, that I’m not sure has been published anywhere else yet, I think these are some pieces of speculation you can put some stock in. Disney’s already putting a huge investment into this Epcot overhaul and new Spain and Brazil pavilions sound like a great use of some of that pie. Let me know what you guys think about these new World Showcase pavilion rumors. We’ve of course got some other less credible but long standing rumors also floating around the World Showcase, like the Mexico pavilion Coco tie in and a Ratatouille ride in France, leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed, sharing this article is a great way to support Mickey Views. It’ll be interesting to see what Disney does with this Epcot Overhaul as well as how much of it we’ll get to hear about at D23. We’ll cover all of that and everything else going on in the Disney universe week by week on our weekly Disney news show, The Magic Weekly. Thank you so much for Reading! Have a Magical Day!

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