OFFICIAL: Walt Disney World Gondola System Map + Fan Art & Details!


There is a big rumor swarming the Disneyverse at the moment – a potential Walt Disney World Gondola System! This rumor spawned out of some suspiciously-shaped buildings included as part of some recently-filed Hollywood Studios transportation permits.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Transportation Permit Gondola Rumor
Disney’s Hollywood Studios Transportation Permit ┬ęDisney

Walt Disney World Gondola Permits

The shape of the above building caught the eye of danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC forums, and so began the rumor! The shape of the building, when connected with the other buildings included in the permits creates what appears to be the track of a brand-new gondola system. This system could link Epcot to Hollywood Studios, a very interesting prospect. Not only that, but the surrounding resort hotels could also use this transportation service to move around the Epcot and Hollywood Studios resorts. Based off of this info, we created a map of the rumored system.

Walt Disney World Gondola Map
Walt Disney World Gondola Rumor Map

The permits backing up the existence of these oddly-shaped buildings makes this rumor a very likely one. Considering the prospect of a Walt Disney World Gondola system, we thought it was worth making some concept art!

Walt Disney World Gondola Fan Art Unofficial Mickey Views
Walt Disney World Gondola System Fan Art

The obvious question surrounding all of this is: why? The answer is quite simple.

  • Cost – A gondola system would provide a new way for guests to get around at a fraction of the cost of expanding the monorail line.
  • Efficiency – A new transportation service would allow guests another way to get around the resort.
  • Promotion – “Come to Walt Disney World, we’ve got a new gondola service you can’t miss!”

What are your thoughts on this gondola system rumor? Could the buildings in these permits never be realized? Do you think the buildings have another purpose? Is this something you think Disney wants to do? There are a lot of questions right now, not many answers. Hey, it’s a Disney rumor after all! Thanks for reading! Have a Magical Day!

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3 years ago

Really interesting, but I always wondered why at least some of the resorts weren’t originally built beside the existing monorail track between EPCOT and TTC.