River Country – The Animated History


“River Country – The Animated History” is the first video in an expansive series of animated shorts covering the histories of Disney parks and attractions!
There are many more on the way! “Body Wars – The Animated History” is in production right now! Enjoy and Have a Magical Day!

So I thought up the idea of doing these ‘Animated History’ videos from my own experience in learning about all things Disney over many years.  For those who are curious about attractions and parks, from the past and present, I want them to have an easy medium to learn about them.  Currently, Wikipedia is the easiest option for getting information about Disney attractions.  I have written and contributed to many of these Wikipedia entries.  I decided that making these entertaining, comprehensible videos would be a more fun way to share my Disney History knowledge with other fans from newbies to know-it-alls.  I hope you enjoyed this first ‘Animated History’ video!

These history videos take a bit of time to create.  First, I write a script and check my facts to make sure I am getting you the most accurate story possible.  Then, I record the narration.  Once this first stage is done, I draw out every frame of the animation that follows the script on some paper.  Once the conceptual ideas for what to illustrate on each sentence of the script, I begin the process of animating.  I use a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop CC 2015 brush tool to get that authentic drawing feel.  To get that “line wiggle” effect, each frame of the animation is drawn twice.  Then, I compile all the individual frames together to get the magical final product!  Right now, I am in the narration phase of Body Wars, and with The Magic Weekly, Product Reviews, Minecraft Builds, and Walt Disney World weekly videos, it will probably be done in a week for a Sunday release on July 19th! 😀

Anyways, that’s all the latest on our “Animated History” video series!  I hope you liked our first one, there are MANY more on the way!  Thanks for Reading, Have a Magical Day!

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