Prince Charming Regal Carousel – Let’s Ride!


Let’s Ride Prince Charming Regal Carousel from Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom! Check out some fun facts and a great POV of the entire ride! 😀

This was a really fun type of video to film.  We have done some amazing POV’s in the past of all sorts of rides, but these days it is more fun to do something more original.  Instead of just boring audio and continuous ride footage, I decided to spice up our POV’s into the future, with facts, figures, and all sorts of fun footage!

I am glad to see you guys leaving feedback on this film in the YouTube comments, and I like your ideas!  Next time I hop down to the ‘world,’ it may be worthwhile to film some more! 😀

Some ideas I have for more in the future include:

  • Splash Mountain – Let’s Ride
  • Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train – Let’s Ride
  • Space Mountain – Let’s Ride
  • Soarin’ – Let’s Ride (maybe wait for update on that one)

Maybe with these “Let’s Ride” videos we could also upload raw videos of just the POV, so those who want more of an organic, regular POV can watch that! 😀

Thanks for Watching and Reading!  Have a Magical Day! 😀

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