This week, new Miss Adventure Falls concept art was unveiled. The art details the new family raft ride in the works for Typhoon Lagoon in Walt Disney World. Found by Mickey Views Photo Correspondent Henry, this art posted on the construction walls provides a detailed view of how exactly the attraction will come to life.

Miss Adventure Falls Concept Art on the Construction Wall Typhoon Lagoon Walt Disney World

The Miss Adventure Falls concept art highlights the shape of the attraction, matching permits filed earlier this year. The layout of Miss Adventure Falls encompasses the backstory. Treasure-hunting heroine Captain Mary Oceaneer’s past will be revealed through her many artifacts while journeying up the load hill. Entering a rogue storm that left Captain Oceaneer stranded on Typhoon Lagoon, guests will journey back down the attraction. While the ride’s design captures the theme, it also means no stairs or steps must be climbed to hop aboard this white-water adventure! Below the concept art is a sign reading “New Treasures Revealed Spring 2017,” reaffirming the approximate opening date officially stated by Disney when announcing the attraction on the Disney Parks Blog.


Miss Adventure Falls is to be built on an open plot of land to the left of Crush n’ Gusher, as seen in the above photo. As of right now, only minor demolition and ground developing has begun, although vertical construction is rumored to begin soon. This is not the only piece of Miss Adventure Falls concept art we have received. Back in August Disney unveiled the attraction’s logo, featuring a parrot standing on a deep sea diving helmet (presumably one of the Oceaneer’s treasures).

Miss Adventure Falls Logo Typhoon Lagoon

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments for this new family raft ride as well as all things Walt Disney World and beyond! To get all of the latest news, be sure to watch our weekly Disney news show, The Magic Weekly every Friday on our YouTube Channel. Thanks for reading, have a magical day! 😀

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