NEW FILM Coming to EPCOT at The Land! 03/20/19 – Mickey Views Daily News


We talk the latest Disney news with a new film called “Awesome Planet” coming to The Land Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World! This is your Mickey Views Daily News for 03/20/19!

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Good day everyone my name and Brayden and this is your Mickey Views Daily News for March 20th, 2019.

Today in Walt Disney World, Disney has announced a new film is coming to Epcot at the Land pavilion in the currently empty theater previously home to the Circle of Life film. The new film that will be played in the theater is called Awesome Planet, which Disney describes as an on-screen exploration of the realm we call home, showcases the spectacular beauty, diversity and dynamic story of our earth with all the grandeur guests have come to expect. So it looks like we are getting a true nature film at the pavilion, very cool stuff there! When the show will arrive we aren’t sure yet, but based on the promotional image Disney published it looks like some parts of the show have been filmed. Very exciting stuff there!

That’s today’s latest news in the World of Disney. Be sure to check out our video about the Lion King overlay coming to Rafiki’s Planet Watch we posted yesterday! Thank you so much for all the reviews, feedback, and support, it wouldn’t be possible without you. From the Mickey Views Magic Studio, I’m Brayden Holness. Have a Magical Day!

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