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We talk the latest Disney news with the Magic Kingdom hitting CAPACITY on New Year’s Eve in Walt Disney World. This is your Mickey Views Daily News for 01/02/19!

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Good day everyone my name and Brayden and this is your Mickey Views Daily News for January 2nd, 2019.

First up today, happy 2019 I hope you had a great new years and have a great year. I hope we’re going to have a huge year here on the Mickey Views end, because there’s going to be a ton of Disney news. This is the big year of stuff happening in Walt Disney World before biggest event of all: the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021. 2020 I suspect is going to be all about the buildup to that 50th in 2021, making 2019 here the year we get the fruits of Disney’s labor over the past 3 years with Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the Skyliner and so much more! We’ve got a full what’s coming to Walt Disney World in 2019 video on the way!

The big news from New Years Eve in Walt Disney World was, a park finally hit capacity in 2018! After the Magic Kingdom somehow avoiding hitting capacity on the 4th of July and Christmas, on December 31st, we got the one and only capacity closing of 2018 at a park in Walt Disney World, where midday the Magic Kingdom stopped admitting guests with one-day tickets, and reopened to those guests at 5pm. This method of limiting the guests entering to resort guests, multi-day ticket holders, and annual passholders helps Disney control crowds while still fulfilling the entries of the more invested guests. During capacities like this, the guests turned away receive 50 dollar gift cards to redeem at the other parks throughout the day, so for those turned away from the Magic Kingdom they still were able to head over to Epcot and participate in all the DJ parties and two illuminations, plus the epic New Year’s Eve countdown fireworks tag, with a $50 gift card to go along with it. So safe to say, even with a park hitting capacity Disney ensured every guest who showed up had the opportunity to have an unforgettable night, and based off the photos some of the listeners sent in to me from the parks it looked like a packed, but awesome time!

That’s today’s latest news in the World of Disney. If you enjoy these updates leave us a review on the Amazon store if you’re listening on an Alexa, or the Apple Podcasts app if you’re listening there. We’re on the Google Play store as well. Thank you so much for all of the reviews, feedback, and support, it wouldn’t be possible without you. From the newly refurbished Mickey Views Magic Studio, I’m Brayden Holness. Have a Magical Day!


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