Laugh-O-Gram Studios in Minecraft


Check out this amazing recreation of Walt Disney’s Laugh O Gram animation studio in Kansas City.  Enjoy our presentation of Laugh-O-Gram Studios in Minecraft!


I hope you enjoyed the video!  From reading many biographies and Disney history literature, Laugh-O-Grams was a significant milestone in Walt’s journey towards becoming the legend he is and will always be.  It shows the hardship and struggles that many aspiring filmmakers go through as they try to become hallmarks in their industry.  To recreate an accurate 1:1 scale replica, I had to examine a plethora of satellite imagery and Google Street View photographs.  Each block represents about 1 meter of the actual building in Kansas City, Missouri.  This was a really fun project for me, as I love creating videos like these where there are no limitations to where the camera can be!  I hope you enjoyed Laugh-O-Gram Studios in Minecraft!  I am not sure if I will create any more videos like this, maybe Hyperion Studios one day.  Thanks for Reading and Watching, Have a Magical Day!


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