Jaleo Opening Date REVEALED! 03/15/19 – Mickey Views Daily News


We talk the latest Disney news with the opening date announced for the Jaleo tapas restaurant coming to Disney Springs in Walt Disney World! This is your Mickey Views Daily News for 03/15/19!

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Good day everyone my name and Brayden and this is your Mickey Views Daily News for March 15th, 2019.

Today in Walt Disney World, over in Disney Springs after years of work finally an opening date has been announced for Jaleo, the tapas restaurant coming to the West Side area of the shopping village, which will be officially opening March 17th, 2019. Just two days from now on Sunday! Pretty incredible stuff there. It’s a bit beyond my knowledge as to why these restaurants announce their official openings so close to the openings themselves, this is a trend we’ve seen with other Disney Springs venue openings. I think perhaps it’s to keep from giving competition time to plan events or special deals the day they want to open so nobody steals their thunder, remember when Chicken Guy just randomly opened out of the blue with nobody even having heard of it before? Wild stuff!

That’s today’s latest news in the World of Disney. Be sure to check out our brand new episode of Mickey Views News up on the Mickey Views YouTube channel where we talk River Country demolition work, Wonders of Life Play pavilion overhaul and more. Stay tuned for more videos and The Magic Weekly this weekend! Thank you so much for all the reviews, feedback, and support, another week of Mickey Views news in the books I hope you enjoyed, I’ll catch you back here on Monday for another week of news. From the Mickey Views Magic Studio, I’m Brayden Holness. Have a Magical Day!

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