Inside Out Sneak Peek offered at Epcot, Walt Disney World


Disney is offering a sneak peak of the upcoming film, Inside Out, in the Magic Eye Theater at the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot’s Future World. This sneak peek consists of a hall of concept art, a free pin, and an 8 minute preview of the movie. Inside Out will explore the trials and turbulences of a young girl’s mind, and all the emotions that come with it. Inside Out will be in theaters June 19th. A sneak peek of the upcoming film Tomorrowland is slated to take over the pavilion next, followed by a reversion back to the Captain EO film for the moment.

Inside Out Preview Screen in the Magic Eye Theater
Inside Out Preview Screen in the Magic Eye Theater

This preview of Inside Out was amazing. The concept art in the hallways exudes all the creativity and imagination that has gone into the creation of this film. As you enter the preview room before loading the theater, the guest members passed out pins which are pretty cool, featuring Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear along with the Inside Out logo. The preview room features a preview of the preview with the creators of the film and what to expect. Time to enter the theater! The Magic Eye Theater is pretty dang big, and the sneak peek is pretty cool. My only criticism, it should be LONGER! And that’s all folks: the Inside Out Sneak Peek offered at Epcot!

Oh, wait! Then we headed over to the ImageWorks gift shop! The gift shop already had tons of Inside Out merch (specially a lot of plush!)

Angry Plush from Disney Pixar's Inside Out!
Angry Plush from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out!

So, thanks for reading and be sure to watch Inside Out July 19th! Have a Magical Day! 😀

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