Galaxy’s Edge OPENING DATES Spark MANY Questions! 03/08/19 – Mickey Views Daily News


We talk the latest Disney news with opening dates announced for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Walt Disney World sparking many questions about reservations, ride availability, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and more! This is your Mickey Views Daily News for 03/08/19!

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Good day everyone my name and Brayden and this is your Mickey Views Daily News for March 8th, 2019.

Today in Walt Disney World all the buzz is focused on the Galaxy’s Edge related announcements we received yesterday at the 2019 Walt Disney Company Shareholders meeting where Disney announced Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be opening May 31st in Disneyland and August 29th in Walt Disney World. As this has started to set in there has been a bit of a noticeable shift online as some realizations have been made of exactly what this miraculous move-up in time table for the opening dates here really means.

The construction didn’t speed up suddenly or everything is finishing earlier than expected, Disney is simply taking the biggest part of the land, what Bob Iger said is the most ambitious ride Disney has ever attempted, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance, and not opening it with the rest of the land. And by removing Rise of the Resistance from the Galaxy’s Edge offerings for opening day they were able to move up the dates, but this will have major consequences, in Disneyland especially. Since the attraction won’t be open, it won’t be eating up any crowds, meaning upwards of 2,000 less guests will be able to fit in the land at any given time, and to make things even more complicated, you can’t even go to Galaxy’s Edge the first month in Disneyland without securing a reservation, but Disney has yet to provide any details on this reservation process, and some guests who have called representatives have gotten back responses suggesting they book a 3-5 day stay at an on-property hotel to quote “increase chances” of getting a reservation, which really has made me realize this opening for Disneyland is not actually an opening, it’s the first day of previews, but Disney’s calling it an opening. You won’t be able to get in without a special reservation, it won’t be open to the public May 31st, and it looks as though Disney is even prioritizing people who spend additional money on hotel rooms over their Disneyland annual passholders, although it should be noted Disney hasn’t released official details on the reservations so the only info so far is hearsay from guests who have called about the matter. And then in Walt Disney World there’s now major questions around where the Mickey’s Runaway Railway opening date is, as this is usually the time Disney does a press event previewing their summer offerings. Lot’s happening and we’ll keep you up to date on all of it, as I’m sure we’ll see things continue to develop here quite quickly.

That’s today’s latest news in the World of Disney. Be sure to check out our latest video on the newly announced Galaxy’s Edge details and the first Skyliner Gondola unwrapped on the line in Walt Disney World over on the Mickey Views youtube channel. Thanks for all of the reviews, feedback, and support it wouldn’t be possible without you, I’ll see you right back here monday for another week of Mickey Views Daily News. From the Mickey Views Magic Studio, I’m Brayden Holness. Have a Magical Day!

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