Frozen Ever After details revealed in Wall Street Journal Exclusive


Since Malestrom closed in Norway October 2014, all I can think about is the last untouched original Epcot Center attraction getting dismantled. Finally, we can look the future of Malestrom, or should I say Frozen Ever After!

In an exclusive sneak peek in the Wall Street Journal, we have the first emergence of information regarding the Frozen attraction replacing Malestrom. Including this amazing concept art!

Frozen Ever After Concept Art – ©Disney


The article revealed some of the details of the new attraction. The concept art above illustrates the “big scene” in the ride, Elsa singing ‘Let it Go’ from a balcony within her beautiful glowing ice castle. The setting for ‘Frozen Ever After’ is the winter festival, celebrating their favorite season, that takes place in summer. The queue of the attraction will be in the setting of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. The attraction will be about 4 minutes long, ending with a grand finale of fireworks with a wave from Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristof.

Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristof – ©Disney


This looks like it will be a great ride, opening late 2016.

The only concern seen so far with what has been released about the ride, there is no mention of incorporating any Norwegian history. It was hoped that the ride wouldn’t be 100% fictionalized, but that may be the case. Just because Disney says Arendelle being inspired by Norway, that doesn’t make it actual fact. Learning about the cultures of the world, as World Showcase makes strides to do, is not being reciprocated by a fictional ride. This is a disappointing example of what the future of Epcot may hold, lots of promotional tie ins that dilute the overall theme and goal of what Epcot is supposed to represent. Last week I took a trip to Epcot to visit Malestrom. It is quite empty and eerie in the Norway pavilion, especially in the corridor leading to the former Malestrom, soon to be Frozen Ever After.

Closed Malestrom – ©Mickey Views


Think I’m being a bit harsh on this announcement?  The heavily moderated Disney Parks Blog comment section on this post was worse!  Let’s take a look a handpicked few of just the first 10 comments of the hundreds.

This one is a bit sarcastic to say the least:

This looks like a great place for my family to take our Christmas photos! –Antonio


I would like to see a Disney representative answer this one with a legitimate explanation:

Will The Norway Pavilion be suitably renamed to The Frozen Pavilion as well? –Matt


Scott knows his stuff:

Well, that’s sure… something. I will bet that the Norwegians are thrilled that their pavilion is going to house something this… umm… “magical”. –Scott


But all that aside, this really does sum up the point I am trying to make:

This is very disappointing. I would have liked at least some lip service to the culture of Norway. Keeping the theme of World Showcase would have been nice. –Michael


Well, that is all the latest news about Frozen Ever After. Are you looking forward to this ride? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for Reading, Have a Magical Day!


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