Last week, as part of the Star Wars Galactic Nights hard ticket event in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney hosted a panel called “Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.” The amazing panel discussion was accompanied with brand new never before seen images pertaining to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. So far, Disney has released only 3 of the 10+ new images we got at the panel. We compiled the footage of the event and digitally remastered the images. We present to you every new image revealed at the Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge panel!

Queue for the Millennium Falcon attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. ©Disney

Starting off with the biggest reveal, a look inside the Millennium Falcon cockpit. You will pilot the iconic ship on the choose-your-own-adventure style Millennium Falcon attraction in Galaxy’s Edge. In the photo you may notice many empty studs on the side panels. These will be full of blinking lights and switches when the attraction comes to life!

EXCLUSIVE HIGH-RES: Inside the cockpit ride vehicle of the Millennium Falcon attraction! ©Disney

Along with the amazing new view look inside the Millennium Falcon cockpit ride vehicle, we also got a look at a brand new scene you will explore during your adventure on the attraction. You can even spot the Millennium Falcon if you look closely. Watch out for the sewage-monster!

EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: A new Star Wars destination awaits you on the Millennium Falcon ride! ©Disney

Doug Chiang, Vice President and Executive Creative Director at ‎Lucasfilm, was in attendance at the panel and shared with us a photo of him visiting the full-scale Millenium Falcon you will be able to explore and even board outside the Millennium Falcon attraction queue. Quite a detailed Millennium Falcon there. I spy a blaster spot!

EXCLUSIVE HIGH-RES: Doug Chiang checks out the latest work on the full-size Millennium Falcon in Galaxy’s Edge. ©Disney

While on the topic of Imagineering bringing iconic Star Wars vehicles to life, here’s a full res look at the 4 X-Wings (split between Walt Disney World and Disneyland) coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: Real-life x-Wings assembled at Walt Disney Imagineering! ©Disney
EXCLUSIVE HIGH-RES: A completed X-wing fighter to be featured in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! ©Disney

Moving to merchandise, Walt Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty shared with us a new look at the Galaxy’s Edge outpost market, home to some amazing new pieces of merch!

New concept art of the outdoor Galaxy’s Edge marketplace. ©Disney

Speaking of new pieces of merch, Chris shared with us our first ever looks at the Galaxy’s Edge-exclusive merchandise, made to feel like it was handcrafted and designed on the planet of Batuu!

EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: AT-AT Walker folk art toy to be for sale in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! ©Disney
EXCLUSIVE HIGH-RES: More miscellaneous folk art to be sold in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. ©Disney

Near the end of the panel, Chris Beatty went really in-depth into the design inspiration behind this brand-new remote outpost on the Galaxy’s Edge in the Star Wars Universe. Imagineering went on a research trip to Morocco to develop the design for Galaxy’s Edge. More specifically, the marketplace areas.

EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: Imagineers take a research trip to Morocco. ©Disney
EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: Imagineers take a research trip to Morocco. ©Disney

To wrap up with the final exclusive high-res image we’ve obtained: our first look at the potential beverages coming to Galaxy’s Edge. Blue and green milks!

EXCLUSIVE HIGH RES: Imagineers sample blue and green milk for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. ©Disney

That’s the latest from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates on Galaxy’s Edge and everything going on in the Disney Universe! Thanks for Reading! Have a Magical Day!

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