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We talk the latest Disney news with Jaleo in Disney Springs getting close to opening, and a possible timeframe for the Epcot Entrance Overhaul work thanks to the latest permit filed by Disney! This is your Mickey Views Daily News for 03/06/19!

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Good day everyone my name and Brayden and this is your Mickey Views Daily News for March 6th, 2019.

First up in the news in Walt Disney World today over in Disney Springs walls are down at Jaleo, the new tapas restaurant coming to the West Side, one of the more anticipated new offerings coming to the shopping district as this restaurant has been under construction for a quite a while and people are excited to see how it turns out. After a much prolonged construction time period it appears the dining venue is finally complete, and we should be seeing some first looks inside as well as previews of the food very shortly.

The other news in Walt Disney World today is that Disney has officially filed permits for Project G, which is rumored to encompass the Epcot entrance overhaul we got concept for from Disney last week. This permit has no listed completion date for the work, which actually does mean something significant, it means the permitted work will be complete within 1 year, meaning by the end of this year or early next, this reimagined Epcot entrance should be in the full effect, which would be incredible. So everything you saw there with the leave a legacy monoliths going by the wayside, the return of the iconic Epcot fountain in front of Spaceship Earth, all that will be coming to fruition in the very near future if this permit is any indication.

That’s today’s latest news in the World of Disney, thank you so much for listening. From the Mickey Views Magic Studio, I’m Brayden Holness. Have a Magical Day!

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