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The Team


About Mickey Views Brayden Holness
Brayden is the creator and owner of Mickey Views. Brayden is on a mission to achieve his dream of owning and operating a production studio in Orlando, Florida where he can have a permanent set for The Magic Weekly, Impromptu Imagineering, and future projects. His first trip to Walt Disney World was in October of 2006 with his family. He started YouTube in 2008 at age 9, creating LEGO Stop Motion videos. Brayden soon turned to learning animation in 2010 through a cartoon show to promote healthy eating for kids, to which Brayden attributes much of his self-taught talent stemming from through to today. While fun, the animation work became tiresome and not enjoyable, leading to Brayden turning to live-action video content, using his money generated from the cartoon series to buy a video camcorder for his fourth trip to Walt Disney World in 2012.

The first video was uploaded to the Mickey Views YouTube channel on November 29th, 2012, Brayden’s first camcorder video, featuring the Celebrate the Magic projection show on Cinderella Castle. Following this trip, Brayden had reached the age (13) to begin heavily researching the Walt Disney Company and its history. Over the next year’s span, he had read over 40 books about the history of Disney, the Disney Parks, and Walt Disney Imagineering. By age 14, Brayden had become heavily intrigued by various “abandoned” attractions still in existence, marveled by the aspect of past urban development around the parks. The first big hit for Mickey Views was the product review of the Walt Disney World Monorail playset, still to this day one of Brayden’s favorite videos.

The low point came in the Fall of 2014, where Brayden made the decision to accept his invitation to a special STEM school. Soon after arriving it became readily apparent to him that the “T” in STEM for ‘technology’ was not what he had anticipated. Advanced Chemistry and Biology classes did nothing to progress Brayden’s future career ambitions, where he had expected to be learning broadcasting and film production. With such a demanding workload, there was no time to create content. Under such tremendous pressure, a gem was made: The Magic Weekly. On January 1st, 2015, Brayden released the first ever episode of The Magic Weekly. Following Christmas Break, Brayden continued the show, with Episode 2 and Episode 3 the following weeks. While a new, successful show was born, Brayden’s second semester of his freshman year academically was quickly becoming a disaster. This led to Brayden having to put the show on hiatus after 3 episodes to focus on school work the rest of the second semester. Brayden finished the school year with a 36 in his accelerated math course. Leaving the school and returning to a traditional high school for his sophomore year, Brayden vowed to focus on his video-making craft. With the entrepreneurial ambitions, Brayden never felt college was the path for him. Despite knowing this, over the next 3 years Brayden rose his 2.1 GPA (thanks to that 36 in math freshman year) to a 3.8 GPA by senior year in the same amount of time that he rose from 3,000 to 32,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Having graduated high school in May of 2018, Brayden has since been able to dedicate himself 100 percent to Mickey Views. The dream of moving to Orlando and doing Mickey Views full time will soon be a reality. Hard at work on his most ambitious project to date, Impromptu Imagineering, it’s safe to say Brayden’s story is far from over. You can find him every Friday on The Magic Weekly, where Brayden covers the latest news in the Disney Universe. He can be contacted through the contact page on this website or through the comments of any Mickey Views YouTube videos.



Cian is Brayden’s younger brother and the helping hand on The Magic Weekly. He focuses the camera on Brayden in advance of each segment, mans the moving intro camera dolly shot, and tosses the weekly Pop! Vinyl figure at Brayden at the end of each show. He is a junior in high school.



Taylor is a friend of Mickey Views and the operator of the Mickey Views Instagram page. With Brayden’s time dedicated to creating content, Taylor helps keep the social media running by posting photos and interacting with viewers on our Instagram!



Chris is Brayden’s dad and responsible for sparking Brayden’s interest in video-making at a young age. Chris’ photography talent can be seen on flickr. He is vegan and plans to share his unique Walt Disney World dining experiences on the channel in the future.