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The Team


About Mickey Views Brayden Holness
Brayden is the creator and owner of Mickey Views and this website! Brayden is on a mission to make everyone’s days a bit brighter with his passion for all things Disney. His first trip to Walt Disney World was in October of 2006 with his family. He started YouTube in 2008 at age 9, creating LEGO Stop Motion videos. Brayden transitioned to learning animation in 2010 through a cartoon show to promote healthy eating for kids. By 2012, after another four trips to Walt Disney World, he had caught the bug. In his free time, in the summer of 2012, Brayden contributed his Disney knowledge to Wikipedia. With the ever-growing Disney passion, and failing cartoon series, Mickey Views was born via the Mickey Views YouTube channel on Oct 17, 2012. In mid-November, Brayden embarked on a week long Walt Disney World filming trip.  With the first video upload on November 19, 2012, Brayden was off and going! Several trips, and product reviews later, Brayden was consumed with school work and was unable to continue. After many months of hiatus and a lot of work, Brayden dedicated the summer of 2015 to getting Mickey Views back on track, better than ever. With the creation of MickeyViews.com, a weekly video release schedule, and The Magic Weekly, Brayden is fully committed to making Mickey Views what its original mission was. You can find him every Friday on The Magic Weekly, where Brayden covers the latest news in the Disney Universe. He can be contacted through the contact page on this website, or through the comments of any Mickey Views YouTube videos.



Chris is a friend and co-owner of Mickey Views. Chris is the support column of the Mickey Views operation. He has contributed to Mickey Views with financial support and his photography talent can be seen on flickr. Chris is vegan and plans to share his special Walt Disney World dining experiences on the blog!