3 AWESOME Disney World Rides Never Built


We take a retrospective look at the best attractions and Walt Disney World rides never built! These are just 3 of them, be sure to give us some of your favorites in the comments! 😀

#3 – Godzilla Bullet Train Ride in Epcot
When the Japan pavilion was being designed, Imagineers spent a lot of time brainstorming ride ideas. One was a bullet train ride where you would stand on a vibrating train car within a 360-vision dome, another was a rollercoaster similar to the Matterhorn out in Disneyland, except taking place on Mount Fuji. Then, they tried putting these ideas together: A bullet ride past the mountain along Tokyo Bay while escaping from Godzilla! This ride never completed development so we may never know the details of this amazing concept.

#2 – Tarzan Rainforest Roller Coaster in the Animal Kingdom
We don’t know much about this amazing roller coaster, all we do know is this ride was developed by Walt Disney Imagineering for Africa in the Animal Kingdom. If you’re a fan of the Swiss Robinson Family Treehouse, imagine a larger, rollercoaster version of it with animatronic animals and Tarzan’s swinging by on trees. This attraction was designed as an inverted coaster, so it would feel like you were swinging through the jungle while seeing all the plants and animals that inhabit the rainforest!

#1 – The Western River Expedition in The Magic Kingdom
This ride should have happened. You know a cancelled ride is a big deal when there is an entire Wikipedia entry on it! When Disney World opened in 1971, it featured many popular Disneyland rides, but not Pirates of the Caribbean. The Western River Expedition was supposed to be the Disney World answer to this classic. Following the boat cruise format, this ride would feature Cowboys and Indians in the place of Pirates and Parrots. Guests would encounter a musical show, bank robbery, prisoners escaping the Sheriff’s jail, the Walt Disney World Railroad passing overhead on a western-style bridge, and a rain dance that would cause it to rain on the set! After the Magic Kingdom opened, the most common guest complaint was “Where are the pirates?” As a result Disney used the budget intended for one the most complex rides ever built to create a second Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The area cleared for the River Expedition would later be occupied by Big Thunder Mountain.

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